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Have you ever been discriminated, or feel like you've been discriminated in any kind of way? (explanation & list:…

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SonAmyFan362 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Professional Writer

In general, I've felt discriminated against, especially in terms of employment. I sometimes feel as though employers don't like persons with disabilities (Which is what my case is.), and while I can accept rejection from an employer, I feel as though they should tell me the reason why my job application is rejected, as I feel if they don't tell me, then, I get this sad feeling that it is because of my disabilities.


It is also unfortunate that I feel discriminated against by DeviantART's hiring staff. (Not to mention, not getting any feedback from any staff to improve my chances of working on DeviantART in an Official Capacity. This may sound strange, but, it feels almost as if they should know how a disabled person feels like when they get rejected.)

apolu Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
Around a year ago, no matter where I went... if there were parents with kids around, the parents would always freak out, and look at me like I was some sort of pedophile, shooing their kids behind them in a defensive fashion. I don't have any idea why they'd react like that. I'm not sure if that'd count as discrimination, but it definitely made a negative impact on my life.

And when I was younger people got on my case all the time about having speech troubles, calling me retarded and so on. Thankfully as I got older most of those troubles have gone away and only relapse when I'm nervous/etc. But even in recent months I've heard remarks about it. =w=~

And of course, the standard things, being different religion, not fitting gender "standards", etecetera.
FishInton Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010   Traditional Artist
People used to wait until I was at least out of earshot before pointing and giggling, "Is it a boy of a girl?" It's a reflection of the lack of respect and discipline in the latest generation of youths that they don't even bother to wait now. I've had an eight year old verbally abuse me because of the way I look... surely sartorial choices don't mean THAT much?!

To top it all off, I know I won't get that abuse in a years time - if they knew I was FTM I'm sure that'd be different. Stupid really.

Books and covers.

Sure I'm being discriminated against in my hunt for a job too - my name apparently isn't a great seller in the workplace.
DruidElf Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
We were very poor when I was growing up, but I went to what was considered the "rich kids' school" because it was in a newer, richer neighborhood, so I got quite a bit of crap for that. I'm also a tall, skinny redhead. I've gotten crap for all three. I have a fast metabolism, I swear! I'm not this thin just to make people angry, promise. Also, people get the unamused face when they say "Gingers have no souls." I like being a redhead. Buggeroff. Also, because my family is not all that religious (really, neither am I), several of my friends' parents thought I was a bad influence, which still cracks me up, actually, because I was/am the "goody-goody" in my family.

I STILL get it for being a girl gamer and geek/nerd. That one can be made up for by the fact that one in three people in public comment positively on my Zelda swag, but I definitely get more crap than my husband for being a gamer at all. I've had a few offensive conversations in unfamiliar gaming stores, but you can bet I don't go back if I get that nonsense.
turbopat Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010   Writer
I've been discriminated against for being white. People think that never happens, but it does. My best friends mom hated me in school (and I still think she's stand off-ish). When I found that out and asked why my friend said, "My mom doesn't want me hanging out with white people so much." I was shocked because I never considered myself a bad influence or someone who would join the wrong crowd.

What's funny is my friend just got married to a white guy, and her mom loves him. When I brought that up to her she laughed and said, "Yeah I guess she just got used to the idea of me hanging out with people who weren't black."

There are other things like being a woman, or being young. People assume you don't know your stuff. The best thing you can do is put people in their place with your knowledge.
patronus-light Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer

For having too much money. Too little money. Living in a "rich" area. Going to the wrong school.
The list goes on and on. People discriminate when they are jealous and when the don't understand -- which leads to hate and fear. :roll:
CaringheartTTR Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been bullied through my school years in the NL.
but found out later it's a game of two or more people who challenge the other to bully someone..
Even though both actually don't want it.

the thing I always say these days: It's the bullies who are truly the weak ones.

In my school years i never got accepted for who i was. i always had to fight.
I've always been the loner.<--- well kind off.

I did have one or two friends but that was about it. during those years at school.

I really had to fight for my rights after all those years to get out of the lack of self-confidence. Eventually i succeeded. which was not easy. I still have setbacks at times, which brings back horrible memories :shrug:.
heokawolf Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
i would think everyone has been discriminated against and probably experienced racism at one time or another in their life. unfortunately that is just a part of human nature. we are not all created equal. everybody has different abilities, different talents and so forth. there are people who seem to be good at everything they do, people who can't seem to do anything well and everything in between. we are different colors, from different cultures and brought up in different environments and situations. it's what makes us individuals. we are also a very competitive species. there is still some of that "only the strong survive" instinct in us. it's all just part of the human condition.

sadly throughout history the fear of and hatred for those "different" or labeled "weak" or "dangerous" has lead to attempted genocide, slavery, ect. also greed and the quest for power have lead people to do horrible things.

personally, i think despite how horrible things are that were done in the past, it is still that..., the past, and people dwelling in the past, walking around saying "my ancestors were wronged, you were bad people, you owe me(us)" simply does not allow you to heal and grow. i think if more people would stop dwelling on the past, and live in the now and look more toward the future we would probably progress faster. but definitely don't forget the past. use it the way we are designed to. remember it and learn from it.

two good sayings would be "failure is the first step to success"and "those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it".
lolofm Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010   Traditional Artist
I've been discriminated when I interviewed or applied for a new job and was rejected because I have not enough experience. I've worked a full year just after I graduated from college and they expect you can do your job perfectly and make no mistakes or have enough experience to get the job. Most of the time they don't respond to your application at all. They say they need young people and all and there is lack of people applying, but let me tell you that's bullshit!
I'm a French teacher(now unemployed but looking still) in the Netherlands and I'm even French myself. I should be able to find a job right?! But no. That's why I'm back to college to get my degree in Mathematics to improve my chances at getting a job.
Everything in my life is going really well right now, except for the job part...
Luigigurl Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes. for race (because i am african american) and for my height (i am female but i am 5'9")

i have also had the nice adults that'll tell me "oh you're so pretty and slim and tall, you should model" but in high school, people used to tease me. And I get looked at funny at my university because the majority of the students are either asian or white. And in highschool I was judged because (I'm from the South) I do not have any type of accent, I'm very articulate and I dress differently (very classy for school). I was told that i'm stuck up because of how I dress and the fact that I live in a really nice house. People are always going to judge you though in life for something. You cannot avoid it. Luckily, I have found my niche and while it is awkward sometimes at school, I've started to integrate myself more and more into the population and I've made new friends of all different shapes, backgrounds, sizes, and colors. Diversity is so much fun. Just take everything in stride
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