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November 14, 2007
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Sephiroth - Mako Glare by Cataclysm-X Sephiroth - Mako Glare by Cataclysm-X
I'm SO having a love/hate affair with this drawing!!!

Sephiroth from the game Crisis Core. In the beginning I really liked to draw this picture, but in the end I felt like pulling my hair out of my head.

'But... why!!', you say?

Because the paper kept tearing apart when I
1) wanted to blend the pencillines and;
2) wanted to erase just a few lines.
In real life this so looks like crap, lol.
Hurray for Photoshop's magic tricks' box! :3

Sephiroth: '...........'

Made this for my dear dA friend *Jumei as an arttrade. She made me a wonderful Vincent Valentine which I'll treasure forever!!!!!!!
Be sure to check her awesome gallery too. I'm sure you'll :heart: it.

Sephiroth: '...........'

Stuff I used:
  • 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B and 3B mechanical pencils

  • 6B regular pencil

  • ref from FF:CC

  • the worst quality A5 paper like... I don't know...EVER?!?

  • Time spent: approx... 9 hours

    Sephiroth: '......I'm too sexy for my-' :sing:

    Don't you dare to sing that song!!!!!!!

    Sephiroth: '...sorry...'

    Work in progress can be found here:
    WIP 1
    WIP 2

    ...and dA... I'll kill you if you move this to my scraps, like you did to some of my other artworks... :salute:

    Okay, time to do something really interesting for some of my dear dA friends... :D
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    stripedDreamer May 27, 2011
    HAHA, YES. I feel as if he's starin' in to my soul.

    *hides in corner*
    Great work. If you are bald now it was worth it. Thanks for sharing.
    SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! SEPIROTH!!!!!!! *glomps him* :glomp:
    mwahaha! :evillaugh: the fangirl strikes again! :w00t!:
    Also great work! Absolutely wonderful!
    Wow, turned out just great!
    captainduck May 1, 2008
    wow this is so amazing, just like all your other work! ;)
    weer zo een mooie die ik zie hoe krijg je het toch zo mooi ik snap het niet hoor
    Very nice! You capture Sephy so well! Yum...
    O.O It's awesome!!!!!! Thanks a lot for shearint it!!! Sephiroth looks sooooo cuteee!!! and hot XD Thanks again hun!! You're amazing!

    Katsumi-san ^^
    EqualToYou Dec 27, 2007  Student Digital Artist
    Yur so f****** increadible
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