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April 8, 2009
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Misha and Jensen signed by Cataclysm-X Misha and Jensen signed by Cataclysm-X
Remember I talked about this episode I saw of Charmed with Misha Collins? Apparently I wasn't the only one who had seen it... :laughing:

Lady from the audience: "I was watching Charmed the other day and noticed you were in one of the episodes as well, so I was wondering..."
Misha: *laughing* "Oh My God..." :iconfacepalmplz:

Someone was a little embarrassed!


Another 2 of my drawings which I got signed by Misha Collins (on the left) and Jensen Ackles (on the right).

Even though I would have loved to talk to him, Jensen was extremely tired and almost fell asleep behind his desk, so I decided not to talk to him. The poor dude was so tired that he didn't even realize my drawing was a drawing instead of a photograph. ^^;

Jensen: :sleep: later that day I went to Misha so he could sign my drawing too. Even though he was really tired as well, he was still talkative!

Misha: "Wow, that's really nice. It's really good." *stares at drawing*
Me: "Thank you."
Misha: "Heh, I don't want to sign it, it's so pretty! It will ruin the image."
Me: *laughs*

Misha: "What colour shall I pick..."

*Misha takes silver pen and signs my drawing*

Me: "Thank you so much."
Misha: "You're certainly welcome."

*Misha gives drawing back to me. I grab the drawing, but Misha doesn't let it go!*

Me: "Hey..."
Misha: "Just a sec!"

*Misha takes my drawing back*

Me: "???"
Misha: "I'll trace the autograph with a black pen, you can barely see it."

*Misha carefully traces his own silver signature with a black pen*

Me: *laughs* "Thank you!"
Misha: "You're welcome! :D"

He was so nice, I'm so glad I got the chance to meet him! :D

Now I'm off back to drawing commissions and stuff. Have been neglecting my gallery a bit. Sorry :blushes:

Have a beautiful day everyone. <3
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Back to the drawing it is brilliant, totally get why he didn't want to let it go.
Omg your so lucky! Wish i could meet him :( My life sucks -___-
Ehh you met him?? Im sooo jealous >_< Misha is awesome. He sounds really kind. Ouw i wanna meet him too D:
Oh well you really deserve it. Your drawing looks great :D
MamacitaGomez Nov 25, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Wow, it's amazing! Can you give me some tips? :$
storm2326 Nov 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
They both look so amazing. I love the way Jensens eyes stand out.
Diannehh Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wat erg dat hij niet eens heeft gezien dat het getekend was :O :O :<
Je werk is echt awesome!! :love:
Astrikos Sep 5, 2012   General Artist
Gorgeous detail. Absolutely stunning. I really love the level of realism here. Good shading and awesome lighting. This piece definitely appeals to me! :la:
Kirure Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
...I think I just died and went to Heaven... JUST SO I COULD MEET CASTIEL.

I want Jensen ;-;
UseImagination Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Misha is soooo sweet ^__^
and the drawing is very realistic, you can't blame Jensen coz he thought it was a photo)
paulo-uke Jul 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Misha is really the best... of whole world!
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