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June 5, 2011
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Miniature Drawing - Supplies by Cataclysm-X Miniature Drawing - Supplies by Cataclysm-X
EDIT :: Changed the layout a bit to make it look more pleasant to the eye :)

A guide to the art materials that I use for drawing miniatures.

My 0.3mm mechanical pencil looks like a Sonic Screwdriver! :dummy:

Including a preview to my newest project ;D
Firstly: I got into Doctor Who just recently. Just finished watching season 4. And may I say I love this TV show to bits!

Guys, I'm sorry I'm not around much lately. I'm not doing well, but I try to keep as active as possible @ deviantART... (:

Hope you are well. Cheers.
Miss you :heart:

In short:
1. drawing board
I bought this board when I wasn't sure I needed it, but boy am I glad I got it after all. It has a flat and smooth surface, which makes drawing on any type of paper super comfortable. It's from the brand Faber Castell, in case you're interested.

2. 0.5mm mechanical pencils
From up to down: 3B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H, 4H. B means it got a soft (dark) lead, while H is hard (light). Before I got my 0.3mm mechanical pencils, I used these to draw details. Now I merely use them for shading and basic layers!

3. tissue
Used for shading, albeit teeny tiny spots since tissues are commonly used for shading large areas rather than small areas.

4. cotton pad
Also useful for shading. Doesn't leave ugly marks behind :) but only usable for mid-large areas.

5. Q-tip
Useful for shading small areas.

6. tortillion
Useful for REALLY small areas (and yet still too big for blending most of the facial features).

7. needle
The needle is being used for adding white highlights by dipping its tip into the liquid of the gel pen. That way I can make the smallest possible highlights which aren't achievable with erasers.

8. mirror
...and my hand! I use a mirror to check my drawings for proportional mistakes. If you don't know what I mean, try checking your own drawings with a mirror. ;D

9. magnifying glass
A.k.a. Adam, the magnifying glass. The day I bought this useful tool to magnify the details of my drawings, I met a sweet salesguy who looked JUST like Adam Lambert.

10. frame
To measure the size for my drawing area. I bought a small square frame which I want to use for this particular project. As you can see, I will make a total of 9 little drawings for this project!

11. drawing paper
Extra smooth drawing paper which is actually printing paper that is usually being used at the office. I got a whole pack of 400 pages for €3. Aside from the Hahnemühle sketchbook paper that I normally use, this type of paper is my favourite to use!

12. ruler
To measure the little frames for my drawings.

13. pencil eraser/brush
An eraser in the shape of a pencil/brush that I use to get rid of unwanted outlines. The brush can be used to wipe away erased parts.

14. gel pen
To be used with the needle, to create teeny tiny wibbly wobbly highlights!

15. 0.25mm fineliner
Once the drawings are finished, I use a fineliner to trace the mini frames.

16. kneaded eraser
Useful for any kind of erasing. I prefer to use a kneaded eraser to create highlights and to smoothen skintones.

17. blue + red pencils
Not 2 regular supplies for drawing miniatures, but I do need them for this particular project. You'll see once the drawing is done!

18. regular eraser
To erase... regular stuff. One swing with this eraser and my entire miniature portrait is gone. *lol* Need to be CAREFUL.

19. small brush
So since when does drawing require painting too? Never!
Brushes are excellent tooks for blending as well. The softer the graphite (= B pencils) the easier it will be to blend. I like to use these for blending backgrounds and skintones.

20. small sharp brush
Same as #19, the small brush. Except this one can blend even smaller parts!

21. 0.3mm HB mechanical pencil
For adding teeny tiny dark details.

22. 0.3mm H mechanical pencil
For adding teeny tiny mid-dark details and shading.

23. 0.3mm 2H mechanical pencil
For shading... teeny tiny parts.


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Okay. This is gonna sound weird, but that's adorable. It's so tiny...X3
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I love doctor who and this drawing is awesome!!!!!! and from the 2€ I can tell that you're from germany! I'm from germany too!! yaaaay!
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maybe you should start producing stamps
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This tut helped me a lot - thank you very much for this! Great work!
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I love your work. Especialy your miniature drawings. 10 hours on a 1x1 inch square! You should have been a brain sergeon with the level of micro movement control you have. cheers!
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