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March 15, 2010
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Jude-in-Law by Cataclysm-X Jude-in-Law by Cataclysm-X
Updated with a better scan

Jude Law as himself.

People either like or hate him. Personally I think this he's just misunderstood. Though I first didn't really like him all that much, I got to appreciate him more after seeing several of his movies (= research), of course with SH being my favourite so far.

I'm trying full coloured portraits this time. Although the likeness isn't as good as my grayscale portraits yet, I'm doing my best. I'm sure it will get better someday :) after all- from experience I discovered practice makes perfect, so expect more coloured portraits soon..

For hours I tried to fix the colours with Photoshop but it's nowhere close to the real thing. Boohoo. I'm such a Photoshop n00b. :C

Drawn with Derwent Coloursoft pencils on A4 size Hahnemühle Nostalgie paper. Lost count how many hours.
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AnitaIda Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
wow so nice :o
agnes21 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is freaking amazing! :D (Big Grin) 
ArtbySpitzer Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just amazing! Superb workmanship in blending of the colors. I'm trying my hand at colored pencils but haven't uploaded anything yet in that medium. Still need much practice to get close to your level.
1Ai-Chan7 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this makes me drool Drool  lol 
A: Because it's Jude Law
B: Cause you're amazing :D
Saphira1334 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love much...i love his eyes and u captured them so perfectly the feels have hit hard
MauroSep Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Amazing worck, I hope paint that way some day, ofcourse i know that i need to practice. Thanks for inspiring me.
Dman2305 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Your work is always so beautiful. I adore your work
ironskillet2 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i have never really looked at jude law too closely lol, but is his nose really crooked like that haha? you have been one of my favorites for years cataclysm so im assuming it actually is sense you are never wrong in your drawings =P
neecey007 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
i thought this was Jude Law!!! i love him, and this is pure amazement!! very inspiring <3
BlueberryCrazy Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
Stunning! A4?? So much detail!! :eyepopping: What did you use as a reference image?
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