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September 30, 2007
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FFXII - Balthier WIP 1 by Cataclysm-X FFXII - Balthier WIP 1 by Cataclysm-X
Vincent: 'lmao Balthier, look at this. Someone's doing a portrait of you.'
Balthier: 'It was about bloody time!' :P

Oh shut up, will ya? Refs are hard to find!

Besides, Vincent is easier to draw. I'm so not looking forward to drawing the clothing of Balthier. All those freakin' details and stuff... >_>
But so far I like the result! The background will be a little more darker so Balthier will be more visible.

I'm sorry I won't add Fran to the picture. Reference pictures of her are so hard to find!

After I finished this I'll do a new portrait of a bandmember of 30 seconds to mars :D they're so cool and inspiring. :heart:
Anyone else has suggestions who I can draw next (non fictional!)? I want to draw more real people so I can sell prints. :)

Uhm eh... anyway, I'm not sure how many hours I spent in this WIP. Should be like 6 hours I think? Yup :nod:
Hope you like it so far!

P.S.: Details about the contest will be coming tomorrow!
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BeckettAFella Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Just gr8t!
re45on Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008  Student General Artist
Hmmm.... real people drawing? You could draw Wentworth Miller, Yamapi, Christian Bale :)
nekkoshinobi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
i think you should draw vaan and penelo together... but it's only me...
Szikee Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Hobbyist
hehe "It's about bloody time!" :giggle:
this is so awesome!!! :dance: i :love: Balthier, and you're doing a masterful job, as usual
Cataclysm-X Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
haha thank you very much!
artistic-princess Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
omg when this is done its goignt o be amazing.....great job
B-wanted Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2007
The background and hairs are what scares me most D:
Cataclysm-X Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
lol scaring you? But why? D:
B-wanted Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
It looks like the most difficult area to be done ¦D The most time consuming maybe OwO
Cataclysm-X Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
ah... yes :) well every portrait is time consuming anyway!
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